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Nordaid – innovative, effective and high-quality supplements

Nordaid is a food supplements manufacturer based in Tallinn, Estonia and established in 2014. Nordaid produces Premium-quality natural vitamins, minerals and probiotics. Our founders have over 20 years of experience in the distribution business and have successfully sold several well-known brands in all retail and pharmacy chains in the Baltic States. They also have a long experience in the field of health supplements and continuously search for new and innovative solutions to support people’s health.

About 6 years ago the founders sensed an increased demand for new forms of food supplements. Their Finnish business partner who owns a large-scale distribution company came out with a first order on transdermal magnesium sprays which were very popular during these times. This led Nordaid to develop and produce a special line of transdermal magnesium sprays, which was the starting point for the company. Nordaid established cooperation with scientists from Tallinn University of Technology (Food and Fermentation Technology Development Center or TFTAK) for helping with the development of the products. Today Nordaid’s products are developed in TFTAK under the lead of professor Raivo Vilu who is a well-known and awarded scientist.

Supplements that absorb effectively in the body

Nordaid is focused on delivering natural products of superior absorption rates and quality. We prefer to develop food supplements in liquid forms (sprays, gels, drops etc), which are absorbed well by the human body. Our products are manufactured by following the GMP rules (Good Manufacturing Practices). We use Pharma grade ingredients backed by scientific research.

For oral sprays we use airless bottles, which have several benefits compared to regular spray bottles. For example, it is possible to use the opened products in airless bottles until the best before date, whereas regular spray bottles need to be consumed within 6 months after opening. In regular bottles, the amount of active ingredients starts to diminish when exposed to air and light, but airless packaging guarantees the stability of the product until the best before date.

The selection of Nordaid includes many products which support health, such as:

  • Liposomal Vitamin C: absorbs superbly in the body and provides a great effect against colds, running nose and sore throat
  • Zinc Acetate spray: decreases the duration of virus disease by 40-45%
  • Melatonin spray: improves the quality of sleep, helps to fall asleep quicker and to adjust jetlag, reduce the number of awakenings during the night
  • Vitamin B12 spray: reduces tiredness and noticeably boosts energy, e.g. when consumed before various sports activities
  • Boulardii + Probiotics for Throat: reduces inflammation of the upper respiratory tract and soothes the swelling of the throat
  • Vitamin D3 sprays: increases well-being, immunity responses and mood, especially during the dark seasons. Measurable and prompt increase in consumers vitamin D levels measured from blood.

Nordaid always has several developments in the pipeline and each year we bring 3-4 new and innovative products to the market.

Nordaid aims for international growth

At the moment we sell our products in retail chains in 29 countries, for example in Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Malta, Germany, Georgia, Bulgaria, South Korea, Norway, China, Hungary, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Turkey, Greece, Ukraine, Iceland, Spain, Portugal. In Estonia, we sell in all pharmacy chains and our products are market leaders in the categories of spray products and liposomal vitamins. We sell about 500 000 products per year and this number is constantly growing.

We have been the first on the European market with several of our products, such as the liposomal vitamins in airtight sachets and Boulardii + Probiotics for Throat.

We are finalizing negotiations with several new potential distributors in Europe, Asia and the Middle-East, who are interested in distributing our products in their country. Nordaid’s goal is expanding exports and reaching more markets with our highly effective and innovative food supplements.

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