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Guide: How to be like a Finn

We at Arctic Pure get our kicks from sharing the best things we have to offer here in the North with people around the world. Our core mission is to offer products that support your wellbeing inside out and we believe that the products that originate from our pure Finnish nature do exactly that.

In addition to this, we also want to open the curtains to the Finnish way of living which is also the source of our happiness. Our culture is full of wonders and peculiarities, which sometimes amuse, puzzle and inspire people who come from other cultures. If you’re captivated by the Finnish lifestyle and want to learn how to be a Finn, this guide will walk you through some of the most essential aspects of our unique culture.

1. Head out to nature

Us Finns are a nature-loving folk with our lifestyle and mindscape deeply rooted in nature. Our thousands of lakes, tranquil forests and vast wilderness areas provide an enchanting playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking, fishing, foraging for berries and mushrooms, or simply going for a walk in the woods are some of the most beloved activities for Finns.

To embrace the Finnish way of life, start by spending more time outdoors. To make your outdoor adventures even more enjoyable, pack your backpack with camping meals and snacks made from Finnish ingredients full of pure flavors. How does porcini soup, reindeer pasta or lingonberry pancakes enjoyed at the campsite sound like?

2. Step into a sauna

If there is one thing on this list you should try in order to get to know Finnish culture, this is it.

Finns are true sauna people. Sauna is a place for physical and mental cleansing which washes away everyday worries. Going to sauna is also a social ritual: people build friendships in sauna, make important business decisions in sauna and even have dates in sauna. Sauna brings together people from all walks of life regardless of their age, gender or social status – a good example of an equal activity in our equal society.

If you have never experienced sauna, the idea of sitting in a hot room half-naked and sweating your ass off might seem like a crazy thing to do. However, it is worth trying this activity just for its health benefits. Going to a sauna relieves stress, increases cardiovascular health and eases sore muscles and joints. But the most important thing about sauna is that it simply feels amazing to go there!

If you don't have access to a sauna right away, start with our sauna products to get into the steamy sauna mood.

3. Enjoy the silence

Man sitting on a bench looking at an autumn forest
Finns appreciate silence and tranquility, which sometimes confuses people who come from a bit more chattier cultures. We like interaction but we also like our personal space – and our personal time, often spent in nature. That’s why so many of us head out to the calmness of the countryside on vacation and why we also have such a strong mökki culture here in Finland (mökki=summer cottage).

To appreciate the beauty of silence like a true Finn, try to incorporate quiet moments into your day. We promise that with the increasing sensory overload of our noisy modern life, seeking moments of silence can actually feel pretty refreshing. Spending time in the serene Finnish wilderness can also evoke appreciation for calm and introspection.

4. Get in touch with your inner sisu

The Finnish sisu embodies the Finnish spirit. Sisu is a blend of determination, courage, and resilience in the face of adversity. Embracing sisu means facing challenges with a determinate, action-oriented mindset.

Sisu is deeply rooted in our culture and history and it has played a crucial role in shaping our nation. Many of our achievements can be attributed to sisu: a transformation from a poor nation into a modern welfare state after the World Wars, building an education system among the best in the world and becoming a leading example in environmental conservation and combating climate change.

However, sisu is not a fixed trait but rather a mindset and a set of behaviors that anyone can develop and strengthen over time. It's about finding your inner strength and using it to overcome the adversities of everyday life, whether big or small. And no better time to start practicing than the present. 💪

5. Embrace the cold winter activities

Friends sliding sledges in the snow
This one is kind of related to the previous point, the concept of sisu. 😉 Our winters here up North are long, dark and cold, which isn't exactly the most comfortable setting for living. But instead of curling up on the sofa to hibernate under a blanket for the winter, us Finns welcome the cold weather with open arms and make the best of it.

Cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, snowboarding and ice skating are popular winter activities in Finland. Ice swimming is also a huge hit here, and dipping yourself in the icy cold lake is also an excellent way to practice your sisu.

Winter is all about the mindset and immersing yourself with the craziest winter activities lets you also find the joy and beauty in it. It also helps to fuel your winter activities with the right sports nutrition.

6. Strip down the design

The Finnish design reflects our appreciation of simplicity, practicality and a “less is more” -way of thinking. The Finnish design is usually characterized by minimalist and clean lines, use of natural materials and functionality. We appreciate beautiful items, but we appreciate them even more if they also have a clear function. This applies to home decor, clothing as well as utilitarian objects.

Finnish design items are also sustainable. Finland has a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, and this is also reflected in our design philosophy. This means eco-friendly materials, production processes and sustainable design principles.

You can get a taste of the Finnish design with for example the Hetkinen natural cosmetics and lifestyle products. Cool, natural, and oh so functional all at the same time!

7. Start drinking coffee – and LOTS of it

Six coffee cups on a wooden table

Coffee is one rare topic where the saying “less is more” doesn’t apply to us Finns.

Finland has the highest coffee consumption rates in the world. The average Finn drinks almost four cups of coffee per day. In Finland, employees are legally permitted to have two 10-minute coffee breaks during the workday. If there is an offer of three Juhlamokka coffee packages for the price of two at a local supermarket, it’s like Christmas came early for a Finn. So you get the picture: we love our coffee.

To be a true Finn, adopt the habit of having coffee breaks throughout the day. Side effects are coffee jitters and a passion for spotting cheap coffee offers, though.

8. Explore the quirky yet powerful Finnish music

Music is an essential part of Finnish culture. From Käärijä to Nightwish, Finnish music is diverse and full of ass-kicking attitude. Finland is a prominent player particularly in the global metal music scene – and no wonder, since our rugged Northern surroundings and no-nonsense attitude give us a lot of credibility in the dark metal world. Metal is not our only cup of tea (or rather, coffee) though, since Finland is also known for its highly respected classical composers such as Jean Sibelius.

To immerse yourself in the Finnish music scene, we recommend attending one of our many music festivals such as the iconic Ruisrock, the die-hard metal fan’s dream Tuska Open Air Metal Festival, the ultra-hip Flow Festival or the sophisticated Savonlinna Opera Festival. Or just hit the local karaoke bar to enjoy heartfelt renditions of Finnhits from the 80s – another absolute love of the Finns.


Getting into the Finnish mindset isn’t about changing who you are but about embracing the values and traditions that make Finnish culture unique. By spending time in nature’s silence, enjoying wacky sauna rituals and practicing your sisu, you can experience the essence of Finland and understand why us Finns are known for our contentment and resilience. By trying out these Finnish activities and approaches to life you may discover something new and unexpected of yourself at the same time.

So, which things on the list will you try first?

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