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We at Arctic Pure come from the land of Santa Claus, snow and the northern lights. Christmas is our favorite time of the year and we wish to make it special for all our customers as well. Therefore we have put together an exciting selection of Nordic specialties in our Holiday Season shop, perfect as gifts or for getting into the Holiday spirit.

In this blog, we will introduce some of the most interesting novelties and classics we offer this year. So keep on reading and start your Christmas preparations from Arctic Pure! ❤️

The Moomin tea advent calendars and ornaments delight the young and the old

The Finnish tea house Nordqvist offers a variety of fun Moomin teas, now also in special winter editions. The sweet Moomin characters combined with aromatic winter flavors will guarantee an unforgettable tea moment during the Holiday Season. The Moomin winter and Christmas teas make for a perfect gift for a Moomin fan or anyone who likes to spend their winter evenings with a warming cup of tea in their hands.

Moomin advent calendar

Get into the Holiday Season mood with Moomin Valley Tea Adventure Christmas Calendar which contains 24 wintry tea flavors in beautiful packages (19,95 €).

Golden Moomin tea bubble

The lovely Moomin-themed Christmas bubbles make for beautiful ornaments on the tree and they also contain delicious pyramid tea bags. Choose from golden or green Christmas bubble (7,95 €). 

Mauri Kunnas’s fascinating tales for children of all ages

In the age of audio books, owning a physical book feels even more significant. Especially children enjoy physical books with colorful and imaginative illustrations that let them visit different worlds in their imagination.

Mauri Kunnas’s children’s books are known and loved in homes across Finland. Mauri Kunnas is a Finnish cartoonist and children’s author who has gained international acclaim particularly for his Doghill, Mr. Clutterbuck and Santa Claus books. The books offer a peek into the Finnish myths, such as the origin of Santa Claus and his elves, in a wonderfully entertaining way.

Now these engaging and beautifully illustrated stories are also available in English at Arctic Pure. Delight the smallest members of the family with a book that will bring lots of joy for years to come!

Mauri Kunnas book of Finnish elves
Mauri Kunnas's The Book of Finnish Elves presents all the most common types of Finnish elves in the funny and fascinating tales (34,95 €).

Create the ultimate Christmas sauna experience

Finns love two things during the cold season: sauna and Santa (and they both originate from Finland 😉). Sauna is an important part of Christmas traditions here up North. A relaxing hour in the soft steam cleanses the body and the mind, and the dim lights and wooden scents inevitably puts you in the calm Christmas mood.

You can tweak the sauna experience even further with the right props. Emendo has created a special selection of sauna gear for true sauna and Santa fans. You can create your own Holiday Season sauna experience with Santa-themed sauna fragrances, ornaments, seat covers and sauna pillows.

Emendo sauna towel with Santa Claus

The beautiful Santa Claus Seat Cover made from linen is pleasant to use on the hot sauna benches (21,95 €).

Bake the best gingerbread cookies with a ready-made cookie mix

What would the Holiday Season be without gingerbread cookies? Freshly baked gingerbread cookies make your home smell like Christmas, and paired with delicious mulled wine, make the perfect combo for enjoying the darkening evenings of the festive season.

The Flow Bake gingerbread cookie mix is a ready-made flour mix with which you can easily bake soft gingerbread cookies which taste like winter. The flour mix is gluten-free and vegan so the cookies are perfect for many kinds of diets.

Mix the flours with honey or maple syrup, coconut oil and water and voila – you’ve got yourself a delicious gingerbread cookie batter!

Flow Bake Gingerbread Cookie mix

Bake soft and chewy gingerbread cookies with the Flow Bake Gingerbread Cookie Mix (7,95 €).

Spicy gloggs that warm up your winter evenings

Glogg, or mulled wine, is a hot, spicy and sweet winter drink, particularly popular in the Nordic countries during the cold and dark wintertime. Glogg contains traditional Christmas spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and clove, which give the warming drink a Christmassy flavor.

Poikain Parhaat makes artisan gloggs in Tampere, Finland, all handmade from pure and natural Finnish berries and spices. Their selection includes both traditional gloggs as well as gloggs with a twist for those who enjoy fresher or bolder flavors. 

Poikain Parhaat traditional artesan glogg

Poikain Parhaat traditional artisan glogg is made from Finnish blackcurrant juice, spiced with fresh ginger, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom (8,95 €).

Another interesting novelty worth trying is the organic glogg from 9. The glogg combines sea-buckthorn with spices such as spruce, cinnamon, ginger and cardamom, resulting in a fresh yet warm taste experience. The vitamin-rich glogg surely nurtures your taste buds as well as your health. A perfect choice for the cold season!

9 Organic Sea Buckthorn Spruce Tip Glogg

9 Organic Sea Buckthorn Spruce Tip Glogg is a cheerful drink for the Holiday Season (14,95 €).

Welcome to our Holiday Season shop to find even more gift ideas and specialties for enjoying the wintertime!

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