Havuka Cabbage-Ginger-Spruce Resin Balm

Havuka Cabbage-Ginger-Spruce Resin Balm

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Many generations before us have used the mixture of cabbage and spruce resin. Combined with ginger it forms an excellent ointment for the joints. Cabbage-Ginger-Spruce Resin Balm is an “ancient” treatment for osteoarthritis pain, removing fluids and improving circulation.

Apply a thin layer to the area to be treated.

  • Contains natural resin
  • 100 % natural product
  • Made by hand in Finland.

Elias Lönnrot wrote down thousands of poems he heard from rune singers on his travels. It required so much writing that sometimes after that his hands were hurting so bad at the night time that it felt like they were on fire.

Fortunately, Elias as a doctor, had help with this ailment too! He treated his hands with his own mixture of cabbage and ginger. That revived his joints to be ready for writing down new songs again.

Step on the paths of Elias Lönnrot. Take the Nordic gold for your own use!

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Cappage, Zingiber Officinale Root, Finland Spruce Picea Abies Resin, Sodium, Rapeseedate (organic), Cera Flera.

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At room temperature 12 months

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