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Crataegus hawthorn extract is an herbal remedy for aging-related and neurological cardiac symptoms. Cardiac symptoms due to aging can be associated with menopause, for example.

Crataegus drops can be used, for example, for a feeling of pressure and pressure in the chest or for a slight extra beat. Drops also soothe the mind and are a good option when sleep does not want to come or otherwise the feeling is nervous or stressed.

Crataegus or hawthorn is a traditional herb with red berries and prickly stems. During World War II, hawthorn seeds were ground in Europe and used instead of coffee. Tea was made from the leaves. Hawthorn has been used as a fortifying herb since the 15th century.


Adults 10-20 drops with water up to 3 times daily before meals.

Not for under 18s. Not in the reach or sight of children. Herbal preparation, marketing authorization number R 111 FIN.


The product may interact with cardiac drugs. Not recommended for patients with renal and / or hepatic impairment. Not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.

Additional info

Nutrients / 1 ml (35 drops)
Crataegi oxyac. fruct. extr. fl. (1 :), 893 mg
Respond. Ethanol, 402 mg
Aq. purif. ad, 1 ml

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