Hetkinen Happiness Globe Candle

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Happiness candle - happy, light and joy.

Natural olive and coconut wax candle with pine root.

Happiness candle line consists of three different sized ball candles. They are made of olive- and coconut waxes which are safe, ethical and ecological to use. Soft scent of pine creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

Happiness candle always includes a pine root holder that is a modular element on its own. You can stack it, pack it, create towers or just let it stand alone.

You can find three different size:

  • Size S: 8 cm, burns for up to 48 hours
  • Size M: 10 cm, burns for up to 64 hours
  • Size L: 12 cm, burns for up to 72 hours

Remember also Wood Wick Trimmer - the secret to how you can make your candles burn longer!

Hetkinen – natural cosmetics inspired by Finnish forests and trees

Hetkinen – natural cosmetics inspired by Finnish forests and trees
Hetkinen is a natural cosmetics and lifestyle brand which is based on the healing powers of trees. The product line includes cosmetics for the body, such as body butters and hand creams, as well as home products such as wood-scented candles and scent diffusers. Trees are utilized in many ways in the products: pine needles, birch leaves and essential oils from trees are examples of the ingredients used in the products. In addition, the products are packed in beautiful jars made of Finnish pine. All the Hetkinen products are 100 % vegan.