Koivunalho Organic Sweet Lupine Flour

Koivunalho Organic Sweet Lupine Flour

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Very high in protein and rich in dietary fiber makes lupine flour an excellent choice to your healthy diet. Protein quality fits exceptionally well for humans and which makes lupine even more special protein source is the fact that you can eat it without heating. So you can add it raw to your smoothies, muesli etc.

Lupine flour can be used many ways in baking and cooking

It absorbs double amount of liquids comparing to wheat flour which is good to remember if you want to add lupine flour for example to your bread dough. Lupine flour has a beautiful yellow colour and adding even small amounts of it you get more nutritious and beautifully coloured bakings. Lupine can also be used to replace eggs in baking.

Lupine has a very low glycaemic index (GI) so blood sugar levels stay lower when meals contain lupine. Low GI has also positive implications for the increasing incidence of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease in developed countries.

Lupine is naturally gluten and cholesterol free. Our flour is still produced in a mill where traces of grain dust might get into the process so unfortunately we can not yet gurantee that our flour is 100% gluten free. Lupin is also an allergen; people who are allergic to nuts may also get allergic reaction from lupine.

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