VIP gifts

VIP gifts are free products or other special gifts that we wish to share with our VIP customers. The free VIP gifts can be claimed with codes that we share with our newsletter subscribers. If you wish to join our VIP customers and to enjoy our wonderful VIP gifts, all you need to do is to subscribe to our newsletter!

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How to claim your VIP gift

  1. Enter the VIP code you received in our newsletter to the field below the products in your shopping cart.
  2. Click “Submit” and the free product will appear in your shopping cart.

Please note that the traditional discount codes such as codes for free delivery or 10 % discount codes are entered at the checkout – so one step after the shopping cart phase. This way we can offer our VIP customers the chance to utilize even two benefits in one order: the VIP gift code and a discount code.

The conditions for the VIP gifts

  • You can only use one VIP gift code in one order.
  • In case you want to order only the free gift, you will need to pay for the shipping fees yourself. When you order the free gift as a part of a normal order, our normal delivery fees also apply.