Privacy statement

This privacy statement explains how Arctic Pure Beauty & Superfoods (‘Controller’) processes the personal information of its customers and users of its online services (‘Customer’), and how the processing can be affected.

We adhere to the applicable legislation and the internal regulation of the field in all processing of personal information, including the instructions issued by the Data & Marketing Association of Finland and IAB Finland ry.

Arctic Pure Beauty & Superfoods

Personal information processed

We collect and process personal information only to the extent necessary for the purposes described in this privacy statement.

The amount of personal information collected and the scope of their processing vary depending on the relationship between the Controller and Data subject, the permissions and prohibitions issued for marketing and processing the personal information, and the cookie and monitoring settings of the browser used.

Customer and order information

Basic information, including name and contact information and date of birth.

Order and invoicing information, including information on the payer and recipient of the order and changes to this information.

Customer service information, including customer feedback, communication with the customer service, and permission information, including information on marketing permits and other permits and prohibitions related to the use of personal information.

Information on the responses to studies, queries, and competitions carried out by Arctic Pure Beauty & Superfoods or its partners.

Areas of interest, background information of the household, and other customer-specific additional information stated by the customer, such as special wishes.

Information collected on the use of online services

Information collected on the device or application used, including browser version, equipment type, screen size, and IP address.

Information on the use of online services, including page loading information and information on the time spent in online services and movements in online services.

Information on websites opened through newsletters. Derived and combined information

In order to serve our Customers even better, we refine the personal information collected by analysing them by various statistical methods and combining information from various sources.

Information on the Customer can be derived about the customer based on the analyses, regarding their assumed interests, age group, income level, purchase behaviour, and other similar attributes, for example. The derived information is based on the information submitted by the Customer and collected about the Customer, as listed previously. In order to ensure the privacy of our Customers, we do not refine or derive personal information considered sensitive.

Arctic Pure Beauty & Superfoods can combine information submitted by the Customer with information collected about the use of online services, if a connection between the kinds of information can be reasonably assumed to be connected to the same person. Arctic Pure Beauty & Superfoods can use combined information to profile its Customers, for example to send topical information, offers, or benefits based on the Customer’s interests or purchase history.

Arctic Pure Beauty & Superfoods secures the privacy of its Customers by performing such derivation and combination of information while exercising extreme caution, and utilises the resulting information in a way which ensures that the privacy of the Customers or registered users will not be endangered.

Intended uses of the personal information and the legal basis for processing

This chapter describes the intended uses of the personal information we collect, the legal basis for processing personal information, and the Customer’s possibilities for affecting the processing of their personal information.

The intended uses of the personal information we collect can be divided into three groups as follows:

1. Managing customer relationships

We use the personal information of our Customers for various actions necessary for maintaining customer relationships, including the following:

Offering products and services and delivering orders. Maintaining the customer relationship and customer communications.

Offering customer service and other customer support. Carrying out competitions and prize draws.

The processing of personal information for the purposes of managing customer relationships is based on the agreement between Arctic Pure Beauty & Superfoods and the Customer on supplying the product or service, or on another action which forms a customer relationship.

2. Product and service development

We use the personal information of our Customers for developing our products and services, as well as to improve the quality and range of our services. Product and service development actions may include product or content recommendations or service and communication customisation, for example.

The intended use and storage of information collected in studies and surveys are explained in further detail in connection of each study. 

The processing of personal information for the purpose of product and service development is based on the right of Arctic Pure Beauty & Superfoods to use information for the good of its Customers.

3. Sales and Marketing

We use the personal information of our Customers for marketing and advertising, as well as other commercial actions, including electronic direct marketing.

In the case of direct marketing, the processing of personal information for commercial purposes is based on the permission given by the Customer.

Health-related information

Arctic Pure Beauty & Superfoods will only process health-related and other sensitive information at the Customer’s request and permission. The permission can be withdrawn at any time.

The Customer may list information on their special diets, allergies, and similar health-related features in their personal information.

The Customer can pose health-related questions to the Arctic Pure Beauty & Superfoods experts, such as the suitability of a certain dietary supplement to be used together with a medication they are taking. The health-related questions can be forwarded for answering to health experts who function as partners to Arctic Pure Beauty & Superfoods.

Sharing and surrendering personal information

We use personal information for the purposes listed in section 3. We also utilise third party services, in which situation third parties may also process personal information. In such cases, we ensure the lawful processing of personal information through agreements, and instruct such third parties in the processing of the personal information.

We may surrender personal information to third parties if necessary for ensuring the security or rights of Arctic Pure Beauty & Superfoods or the Customer or user, for investigating fraud, or for answering authority information requests.

Transferring personal information outside the EU/EEA area.

We mainly do not transfer personal information or have them processed outside the European Union or the European Economic Area. In exceptional cases, if we are required to transfer information there, we ensure that the protection of personal information is on a sufficient level according to the applicable legislation.

Use of cookies

We use cookies to improve the user experience of our online services, and to monitor and facilitate the use. Cookies allow short text files to be stored on the user’s browser for later use.

For further information on cookie policies and third party cookies, please refer to our Cookie policy.

Collection and processing of location information

We use location information collected through IP addresses in our online store to show local offers and notifications, for example. The accuracy level of the location information we use is never closer than municipality, city, or a wider region.

Storing personal information

We store personal information for as long as necessary for the purposes defined in section 3. However, the applicable legislation, such as accounting legislation or other imperative legislation, may require us to store personal information even when it is no longer required of our purposes. In such situations, the statutory storage times are followed.

Certain information collected on the use of online services is stored for approximately twelve (12) months from its collection in a form from which the user can be identified. In some predefined situations, we may store information collected on the use of online services even after this time, in a form from which individual users cannot be identified.

The user must note that product reviews and information published on social media services or other similar public services may be visible online even when personal information is no longer required of our purposes.

Customer’s rights and possibility to affect

We are committed to ensuring the privacy of our Customers and their rights according to data protection legislation. Here, we have listed the essential rights and possibilities of our Customers to affect the processing of their personal information.

Requests to exercise these rights must be submitted to our customer service. The contact information and opening hours are available at Customer Service page.

Inspection, removal and transfer – The Customer is entitled to access their personal information and to inspect and correct them. The Customer is also entitled to request their personal information to be removed as far as possible within other legislation, and to transfer their personal information to another register controller.

Direct marketing – The Customer is entitled to prohibit direct marketing and oppose the processing of their personal information (including profiling) for direct marketing purposes. The Customer can also affect the channels through which direct marketing is carried out (post, telephone, email).

Personalization and profiling – The Customer is entitled to limit the use of their personal information for profiling carried out for recommending products, services, and contents.

The opportunities mostly include limitation of cookies in the online store, using a browser in so-called incognito mode, and other technical actions.

Personalization – Third-party advertising networks may focus their advertising on our website based on the Customer’s online behaviour. The Customer can affect the focusing of the marketing carried out through these networks. However, preventing the focusing of advertising will not reduce the number of advertisements shown on the site. It only prevents the networks from showing advertisements which would more likely be interesting to the Customer.

The focusing of advertising on third-party platforms, such as Facebook, can be prevented from the advertising settings of the service in question.

If the user or customer considers their statutory rights to be violated, they are entitled to file a complaint to the national data protection authorities or other data protection authorities within the EU/EEA. In Finland, the data protection authority is the Data Protection Ombudsman. You can find the contact details for the Data Protection Ombudsman at

Data security

We ensure the secure processing of personal information through appropriate physical and technical data security measures to protect the information against disappearing, destruction, misuse, unauthorised access, and disclosure. We aim to ensure the secure processing by limiting access to the data and ensuring that our employees and subcontractors use personal information according to the applicable instructions and agreements, for example.

Changes to the privacy statement

We reserve the right to update this privacy statement due to the development of our services or imperative legislation, for example. We will inform you of any changes and updates to our privacy statement on our website, and suggest you read it regularly.