Puhdas+ Spring Water 12 pack

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  • Manufacturing country: Finland

The Puhdas+ spring water is the world’s purest water from Finnish Lapland. Sold in multipacks of 12 bottles (0,5 l each). 

The world’s purest water from Finnish Lapland.

The pure, soft and sophisticated taste is the result of the water being filtered through soil layers formed by ice ages.

The spring is located on a forested hill, about 700 metres above the sea level and at least 100 metres higher than any dwellings in the area. The altitude guarantees the exceptional purity of the water, as there is no dirty runoff.

The production plant is located in an organic collection area, and it produces untreated, uniquely pure spring water. The water has a particularly low TDS value, and it is free of nitrates.

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Finnish pure spring water.

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New Organics Oy

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