Nordqvist WÄINÖ Pure Herbal Tea

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Nordqvist WÄINÖ – An Exquisite Voyage through Pure Finnish Herbal Pleasures

"from the harsh north, perfected by mother nature"

In this package you will find pure herbs 100% grown in Finland

Immerse yourself in the delicate embrace of the Finnish wilderness with Nordqvist WÄINÖ Pure Herbal Tea. A meticulously crafted blend that captivates the soul and senses with its enchanting herbal notes, WÄINÖ takes you on a gentle journey through the serene landscapes of Finland, delivering a pure, soothing tea experience with each and every sip.

A Symphony of Pure, Hand-Selected Finnish Herbs

WÄINÖ herbal tea is not merely a beverage; it's a wellness journey, carefully composed of the finest, ethically sourced Finnish herbs. The delicate balance of flavors and fragrances encapsulate the spirit and tranquility of the lush Finnish woodlands, presenting a cup of tea that is as enchanting in aroma as it is beneficial for the well-being.

Nordqvist’s steadfast commitment to quality and sustainability ensures that each cup of WÄINÖ Pure Herbal Tea is a step into the pristine Finnish nature and towards a sustainable and wholesome lifestyle. Encased in a box of 20 individually wrapped tea bags, offering a rich, full-bodied aromatic experience, WÄINÖ is not only a delightful daily indulgence but also a heartwarming gift for tea enthusiasts.

Buy Nordqvist WÄINÖ Pure Herbal Tea now and begin your serene exploration of Finnish herbal wonders!

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Cloudberry (50%), nettle (20%), Garden angelica leaf (20%), red clover (5%), angelica root (5%).

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Nordqvist Oy

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