Nordqvist HERTTA Pure Herbal Tea

Nordqvist HERTTA Pure Herbal Tea

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  • Manufacturing country: Finland

Nordqvist HERTTA – The Heartbeat of Pure Finnish Herbal Elegance

"from the harsh north, perfected by mother nature"

In this package you will find pure herbs 100% grown in Finland.

Escape to the serene wilderness of Finland with Nordqvist HERTTA Pure Herbal Tea. HERTTA, signifying 'heart' in Finnish, invites you into a world where the pure essence of nature intertwines with a heartwarming, herbal tapestry. This distinct tea blend, crafted with love and respect for nature, unites meticulously selected Finnish herbs, unveiling a symphony of flavours and aromatic wonders with every infusion.

Unlocking the Secrets of Finnish Herbal Bliss

HERTTA unfolds a pure, calming retreat in a cup, presenting a balance of exceptional, ethically sourced ingredients that culminate to release a cascade of calming and aromatic sensations. It offers more than just a tea – it’s a moment of peaceful respite, caressing your senses with its gentle herbal ensemble, while also gifting a myriad of health benefits commonly attributed to authentic herbal tea concoctions.

With Nordqvist’s unwavering dedication to quality and sustainability, every cup of HERTTA Pure Herbal Tea is a journey through the tranquil expanses of Finnish nature, and a step towards a conscious, sustainable lifestyle. Offered in a package of 20 individually wrapped, full-bodied tea bags, it stands as not only an exquisite everyday indulgence but also a thoughtful gift for any tea lover.

Buy Nordqvist HERTTA Pure Herbal Tea now and step into a serene rendezvous with Finnish herbal excellence!

Additional info

Rosebay willowherb (60%), chamomile (35%), heather flower (5%).

Country of origin

Nordqvist Oy

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0.04 kg - [140,78,69]