Hetkinen Hand Balm Juniper & Benjamintree

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Hand Balm That Cleanses, Streigthens You, and Alleviates Tiredness

This natural and rich cream will offer enduring protection to your hands. Hand balm moisturises hands and cuticles with speed and ease when you need it the most. This balm contains a high amount of Shea butter that, in combination with Jojoba oil and vitamin E moisturise hands effectively. Mixed together, these vegetable oils smooth out wrinkles, and enhance skin health.

This balm offers protection from cold, wind and the sun. This balm contains no water and is abundant. The spicy and woody scents of juniper berry and benzoin contained in this hand balsam create an alluring scent that is warm and fresh. Naturally antibacterial juniper berry calms irritated skin.

Juniper berry oil gently constricts the pores and evens out a skin tone. Juniper berry enhances blood circulation and reduces swelling. Benzoin resin scent is rich, warm, slightly woody and vanilla. It reduces helps itchy and irritated skin, and lessens skin reddening.

This lasting balsam is absorbed quickly, leaving you with a silky smooth skin. Nourishing the skin, this cream is optimal for daily use.

Please note! This hand balsam is not suitable to people suffering from kidney related ailments, due to the juniper berry oil it contains.

How to use?

Take a small dab of the balsam and spread on your hands. There is no added water in the cream, so a small amount goes a long way to moisturise your skin. Let it absorb for a few seconds. When used in excess, it takes longer to absorb. Good to use for hands and feet, and the whole body.

Additional info

Vitellaria paradoxa butter, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed oil, Tocophehyl acetate, styrax benzoin gum, Juniperus communis oil, *Linalool, *Limonene
(*essential oil component)

Shelf life unopened
in room temperature

Shelf life opened
in room temperature 6 months

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