Arctic Warriors Puhti Sports Gel

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Give it a shot! Honey, nettle, spruce sprout. 10 honey shots á 15 g. 

100 % natural - screw the artificial goo!

You want to maximize your performance when exercising. We do too! But we don't want to stuff your body with additives, so we stuffed our Puhti Sport Gel full of natural boosting agents from the pure arctic nature of Lapland, our home.

Honey, spruce sprouts and nettle - that is all a shot of Puhti contains. Now gulp one of these and give it your best shot!

Does not substitute talent, tough exercise and a healthy diet.

100 % Lapland superfood - The wildest herbs come from the arctic

There is something magical in the arctic herbs of Lapland: in summer, they grow 24/7 under the Midnight Sun and enjoy the cleanest air in the world. In winter, they survive the harsh wind and snow.

Arctic Warriors turns the pure and strong herbs Lapland into tasty products bursting with natural northern power.


Fold in half gulp! Unheated honey can stiffen up. Warm up the shot and enjoy!

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