Collection: Emendo

Sauna and wellness products

Emendo brings wellbeing in your everyday life with natural products that help you to relax. You can find sauna fragrances, Moomin sauna gear and even the good old vihta (a bundle of birch twigs used in sauna) which gives you the ultimate sauna experience from Emendo’s selection. So let go of the busy schedules and responsibilities of everyday life for a while and enjoy a relaxing sauna moment. See the selection and get ready to decompress!

The sauna-loving Finns’ favorite

Emendo is a Finnish company which has made sauna and wellness products from natural raw materials for over two decades. The sauna products are a market leader in Finland, the land of saunas. Emendo’s selection includes sauna fragrances and other sauna gear for the ultimate sauna experience, such as sauna hats and birch vihtas.

Emendo uses natural raw materials and 100 % essential oils in their sauna products and fragrances. They are constantly exploring new ways to utilize more renewable, recycled and recyclable materials.