Supermood Youth Glo The Radiance Serum

  • Supermood Youth Glo The Radiance Serum

Supermood Youth Glo The Radiance Serum

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This wonderful serum is a mixture of fruits extracts, firming Moth bean and light reflecting ingredients that give the skin beautiful, subtle glow. This serum is full of vitamins like A, C and E. It’s a perfect product to use under the make-up, or it can be used alone on a bare skin, to lighten up the day. For best results use on the top of the Radiance oil.

How to apply?

Massage 2-3 drops into your face and neck.

Key benefits

  • Gives a subtle youthful glow on the skin
  • Apple extract repairs mature, sun-damaged or tired skin
  • For extra glow, tap gently on your cheekbones, on upper lip on the top of your make-up
  • Fig extract protects the skin from free radicals and renews the skin

Youth Glo

Supermood Youth Glo products are packed with carefully chosen natural ingredients that battle signs of aging and put you on a youthful mood. Natural fruit acids renew the skin by peeling off old skin cells, while moth bean extract, a natural alternative to retinol known for its potent effects in reducing signs of aging, works to fill up existing fine lines and prevent new wrinkles from appearing. Glutathione, the mother of all antioxidants, creates a beautiful, healthy glow on skin.

Supermood – natural skincare for your specific needs

Supermood – natural skincare for your specific needs

Supermood is a beauty brand created by the Finnish supermodel Anne Kukkohovi. Supermood offers a selection of wellbeing products from natural cosmetics to dietary supplements. Instead of developing products for specific skin type or age, Supermood focuses on the specific needs of the skin. Based on this idea, Supermood has created three product lines: Supermood Egoboost, Supermood Youth Glo and Supermood Beauty Sleep. Because the product lines support each other you can change between the products based on your needs of the day (for example “I want to look rested”).