Puhdistamo Premium Research Conifer Extract

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Conifer is a generic term for coniferous trees with leaves like elongated needles

Conifer extract is said to be a treasure of the forest, because its naturally rich in antioxidants, flavonoids and phenolic compounds. The most important ingredient of Conifer extract is young pine tree bark, that is hand picked carefully from the clean forests of the Finnish Lapland. To ensure the highest quality, the ingredients for Conifer Extract are picked from remote areas of Lapland, where trees can grow free from pollutants and impurities.

Puhdistamo Conifer Extract is a highly concentrated double extract from young bark of Finnish pine. Tree park is carefully hand picked from the clean forests of the Finnish Lapland.

Extraction is made with both hot water and alcohol. This releases into the product a lot of fine active substances healthy to our body. After extraction the product is 40 x concentrated by evaporation of extra water. This increases the concentration of active substances to very high level.

How to use

One dropperful (1 ml) twice a day. A daily portion includes 200 mg pine bark extract, of which 100 mg is proanthocyanidins. The product can be mixed into water, juice, coffee, tea or other drink.

Additional info

Water, alcohol (20%), pine bark extract.

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