Puhdistamo Beauty Collagen

  • Puhdistamo Beauty Collagen
    60 caps
  • Puhdistamo Beauty Collagen
    120 caps

Puhdistamo Beauty Collagen

12.95 €

Package Size: 60 caps Best Before: 25.12.2023 Inventory Quantity: 25 Manufacturing Country: Finland

Puhdistamo Collagen Beauty is the perfect combination of the world's most researched Verisol collagen peptide, Vitamin C, Puhdistamo Triple Zinc and biotin for beauty care. Food supplement.

Considerably stimulates the processes of natural collagen production in the body. Improves skin condition rapidly. Evens out wrinkles and prevents their formation.

Collagen Beauty moisturises the skin from within. Improves also hair and nail quality. 

The product is developed and manufactured in Finland. No dairy, gluten or fillers!

Recommended daily dose

1-4 capsules per day.

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