MettänMaku Smoked Reindeer Soup

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Delicious camping meal containing smoked reindeer and potatoes

  • Made from genuine and self-collected pure ingredients from Lapland, on Korvatunturi
  • Includes smoked reindeer meat and turnips with tasty carrots and potatoes
  • The package provides 2 servings
  • Lactose-free and gluten-free

Perfect camping meal for reindeer meat lovers!

This authentic and hearty soup offers a unique flavor experience to be enjoyed in nature and takes you on a taste journey of Lapland's reindeer herders.

Smoked Reindeer Soup is designed specifically for campers who want to enjoy traditional Lappish food and delicious flavors on their outdoor adventures. This conveniently packaged camping meal is easy to take with you on your travels, as it is lightweight, durable, and easy to prepare in the midst of nature.

The main ingredient of the soup is delicious smoked reindeer meat, which gives the soup a deep and rich flavor. In addition, carefully selected vegetables and spices have been used to complement the flavor experience and create a balanced combination. The soup is rich and nutritious, filled with the delicacy of Lapland's reindeer meat.

Preparing Reindeer Reindeer Soup is easy and quick. You only need boiling water and a few minutes of waiting time. Boil water in your camping stove, add the contents of the bag, stir the soup a few times, and let it simmer for a while. After that, you can enjoy the delicious smoked reindeer soup straight from your camping utensils or transfer it to a plate.

Smoked Reindeer Soup offers you an authentic taste of Lapland on your camping trip

The intense flavor of the smoked reindeer meat combines with the rich consistency of the soup, providing you with a delicious meal in nature. The soup is packed with protein and nutrients, giving you energy and strength for your outdoor adventures.

We want to ensure you have the best possible dining experience on your camping trips, which is why Reindeer Herder's Smoked Reindeer Soup is made from high-quality ingredients. Every spoonful of the soup offers you the delicious tradition and authentic flavor of a Lapland reindeer herder.

Explore the depths of Lappish culinary culture with Smoked Reindeer Soup - the perfect camping meal for adventurers who love the flavors of Lapland!


Add about 6 dl of water to a pot and cook the contents of the bag, stirring, for 5-10 minutes. You can also add the contents of the bag and boiling water to a food thermos and let it simmer until cooked.

Additional info

Potato, hot-smoked reindeer (20%), (reindeer meat, nitrite salt, stabilizers E450, E451, E452, glucose, antioxidant E300), carrot, Lapland's turnip, meat broth powder (salt, maltodextrin, corn starch, raw cane sugar, beef powder 2%, beef fat 2%, roasted sugar, onion, pepper, garlic, lipstick, cumin, hydrolyzed rapeseed protein, glucose syrup, rosemary, onion, leek, salt. May contain traces of egg, soy, milk, celery, mustard, sulphite).

Nutritional content / g
Energy (kJ), 1209
Energy (kcal), 289
Fat (g), 3
- of which saturated (g), 1
Carbohydrate (g), 51
- of which sugar (g), 6
Fibre (g), 6 Protein (g), 16
Salt (g), 4,5

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