MettänMaku Cranberry & Angelica Pudding

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Forest-flavored cranberry pudding with a unique aroma from angelica

  • Gluten-free
  • Made from authentic and self-collected pure ingredients from Lapland in Korvatunturi
  • Customize it by adding fresh berries on top if desired!

Would you like to enjoy a delicious and refreshing dessert on your outdoor adventures?

MettänMaku Cranberry & Angelica Pudding offers the perfect sweet treat to be savored in nature.

This pudding is designed specifically for hikers who want to indulge in natural and healthy ingredients. This conveniently packaged camping food is lightweight, easy to carry, and quick to prepare in the great outdoors.

The pudding combines the delicious flavor of cranberries with angelica, a wild herb known for its refreshing taste. Cranberries add a tartness and antioxidants to the pudding, while sweet woodruff brings a touch of freshness and a unique natural flavor.

Cranberry & Angelica Pudding provides you with a refreshing and tasty dessert during your outdoor adventures. The cranberries offer a tangy freshness and vitamins, while angelica adds a natural flavor and freshness. The pudding is perfect for finishing off a meal or enjoying as a refreshing snack during your hiking days.

We want to ensure the best possible taste experience on your outdoor journeys, which is why MettänMaku Cranberry & Angelica Pudding is made with carefully selected ingredients. Each spoonful offers you freshness and the authentic taste of nature.

Enjoy your outdoor explorations and treat yourself to Cranberry & Angelica Pudding – the perfect sweet delight in nature!


Mix the pudding powder with cold water and bring to a boil while stirring continuously. Let it settle for a moment and enjoy.

Additional info

Finnish cranberry powder and cranberry pulp, sugar, potato flour, angelica powder.

Nutritional content / 100 g // portion
Energy (kJ), 1348 // 472
Energy (kcal), 322 // 113
Fat (g), 2 // 0,7
- of which saturated (g), 0 // 0
Carbohydrate (g), 82 // 28,7
- of which sugar (g), 43,9 // 15,4
Fiber (g), 6 // 5
Protein (g), 2,3 // 0,8
Salt (g), 0 // 0

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