Hetkinen Scent Diffuser Metsä

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  • Manufacturing country: Finland

A major, vertical forest

The harmony of metsä scent diffuser is ineffable. It smell like damp moss, rain, wet tree trunks, flowers, and needle covered path.

There is such strong magic in Finnish forests that one may not even believe it. The forest is like open arms; ready to embrace you without judging, to give power and support. It caresses you with its beauty, sounds and smells, and it feels good on your home decor, too.

This series also has delightful packing boxes. Natural room fragrance Glass bottle with a blend of essential oils and natural mixture for improved fragrance diffusion. Sealed stopper and 7 natural wood sticks. Will scent a room for 6+ months. Scent your livingroom, bathroom or office.

  • TOP NOTES birch
  • HEART NOTES cypress
  • BASE NOTES black spruce

How to use?

Remove cap. Put the pine stick into the glassbottle. Scent rise up to the top and scents the room.

Additional info

Cruelty Free certified product. See all Cruelty Free certified products.

Isopropylidene glycerol, pinus sylvestris oil, betula pendula leaf extract, juniperus communis oil, rosmarinus officinalis oil, lavandula angustifolia oil, picea mariana oil, pinus sylvestris needle extract, citrus bergamia oil.

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