Hetkinen Lip Balm Pine

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Moisturising and Nourishing Lip Balm - Like a Pine Needle in Your Mouth

This lip balm containing essential pine oil and pine extract will give you silky-smooth lips. The balm balances, invigorates and gives you the refreshing power of the forest. Your lips will feel pleasant, and have a smooth uniform colour.

Dry lips, elbows, knuckles or cheeks are a frequent bother for the young and the old. Lip balm will effectively moisturise and protect dry areas of your skin.

Lip balm contains plenty of cold pressed vegetable oils that soften and protective your lips - cocoa, baobab, and almond oil, as well as Shea butter and jojoba wax.

This lip balm doesn't contain water, and as such it is suitable even for below zero weather. The secret of this pine lip balm: two different varieties of pine oil, and oil extract made out of genuine Finnish pine needles. The scent is that of a gentle and natural evergreen forest, like a pine needle in your mouth.

How to use?

Swipe some balm from the jar with the tip of your finger and apply to dry skin when needed.

A tip! Excellent for the dry or cracked paw pads of your special little friend..

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