Hetkinen Hand Wash Wabi-Sabi - Natural Beauty

Hetkinen Hand Wash Wabi-Sabi

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A natural, deep cleansing aromatique green tea soap made from premium vegetable oils. A gentle formulation containing green tea, peppermint and pine needles to effectively cleanse the hands without drying them out.

This green tea soap has an antibacterial function for healthy, clean and germ-free hands. Oils made of pine twigs are also shown to improve resistance and they give the product the healing power from Finnish forest.

  • 100 % biodegradable
  • No preservative, alcohol, synthetics, colour
  • Made in Finland


Wet the skin with water, pump small amount of soap onto your hands. Rinse the skin with ample amounts of water.

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Nourishing and Moisturising Body Butter - Relaxes and Balances Rich and velvet-smooth body butter is an ideal product to nourish and moisturise the dry skin. The composition of this product is luxuriously soft and thick, but spreads effortlessly on your skin due to the vegetable oils. This body butter contains almond oil that takes care of the skin, and makes it more resilient. There are ample amounts of Shea butter to soften and smooth the skin, simultaneously retaining its moisture. Coconut oil within calms the skin, and contains antioxidants that are important to the skin. Jojoba wax acts in similarly smoothing and softening way, and the product also has added natural vitamin E that is important to the skin. Scent of this body butter comes from essential oils of cypress and lemon. Essential oil of cypress holds a smoky, sweet balsam scent that lingers. Cypress oil nurtures, purifies, lessens stress and relaxes. Organic essential oil of lemon has been proven to elate the mood. Lemon is also good for blood circulation. Benzoin resin combines these two oils, and balances the fragrance while nurturing the skin. Once your skin has absorbed the body butter, the light scent fades. This product nurtures the body and the mind. Body butter is absorbed best right after washing oneself, while the skin is still slightly moist. Please note! Essential lemon oil causes light sensitivity when applied to skin, and its use must be avoided in sunlight. How to use? Take a small dab of body butter and spread on clean skin with light circular motions.
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