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Greenfinn's Crushed Cranberry

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Greenfinn's Crushed Cranberry contains thousands of crushed whole cranberries. These juicy and tart cranberries grown in the fresh air of Finnish forests are a great addition to any smoothie.

A spoonful of berry goodness goes a long way

A fresh cranberry is fairly sour and even bitter, but in this dried and crushed powder form, the natural sweetness of the berry tempers the sourness. A small spoonful provides a good amount of Vitamin C, dietary fiber and manganese.

The Finnish cranberry is of the genus Vaccinium oxycoccos which is also known as the small cranberry. It is widespread in the northern hemisphere.

Greenfinn's crushed berries are an easy way to eat healthy berries. The crushed powder can be incorporated into many breakfast foods and even baked goods.