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Greenfinn’s Cranberry Powder

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Greenfinn’s cranberry powder is made of crushed Finnish cranberries. One jar contains thousands of crushed cranberries, so already one spoonful contains a nice amount of berries.

This gently tart cranberry powder is very tasty, and you can add it to, for instance, your breakfast or snack. The powder contains the peels and seeds of the berries.

Finnish cranberry

The dark red berries of cranberry, Vaccinium oxycoccos, which is one of the native Finnish berry types, ripen in late autumn. It takes a few frosty nights to tame the tartness of cranberries. Greenfinn’s cranberry powder does not taste too tart, but it does have the tanginess typical of cranberries.

How to use

Crushed berries are suitable for many purposes. Use the berry powder, for example, with yogurt or quark, or sprinkle it on top of porridge. The powder is also well suited for baking.

Greenfinn's berry powders

Greenfinn's berry powders
Greenfinn’s berry powders are an easy way to enjoy the benefits of berries! One jar of berry powder contains as much as 4000–5000 whole berries. The powders contain the seeds, pulps and skins of the berries which are considered to have the most health benefits. The berry powders are made by drying and grinding fresh berries. Our bodies can better utilize the natural oils and other bioactive ingredients when the berry seeds are broken. The berry powders are an easy way to enjoy berries all-year round!

Berry powders – an easy way to enjoy the benefits of berries

Berry powders – an easy way to enjoy the benefits of berries
Berries are one of the best superfoods found in the Nordic nature. Bilberries, lingonberries, cranberries, cloudberries and sea-buckthorn are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and fiber, not to mention delicious to enjoy. Berry powders are an easy way to enjoy the benefits of berries around the year, wherever you are. Berry powders can be added to e.g. yoghurt, porridge, smoothies and salads or they can be used in baking. Berry powders also last for a long time when properly stored. Add more berry power to your day with berry powders!

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