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Greenfinn’s Organic Blackcurrant Powder

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Black magic straight from the manufacturer’s own bushes! Each jar contains approximately 4,000 Finnish blackcurrant berries. Organic product.

An easy way of using the blackcurrant powder is adding it to a breakfast or snack smoothie. When baking, the berry powder provides a handy way of adding colour to cakes and biscuits.

Blackcurrant berries are high in fibre and vitamins C and E. Since Greenfinn’s powder also contains the seeds of the berries, the powder has an excellent fatty acid composition.

Get some... currants

Blackcurrant berries are high in vitamin C, so already 1 dl of fresh blackcurrant berries contains an adult’s recommended daily amount of vitamin C. The powder provides an easy way of getting the daily amount, since one teaspoonful of berry powder equals approximately 1/2–1 dl of fresh berries.

Since blackcurrant contains more vitamin C than an orange, blackcurrant juice has traditionally been used to alleviate flu symptoms. The blackcurrant powder is a good source of fibre, as 100 grams of the powder contains 33 grams of fibre. What is more, blackcurrant berries also contain a great deal of vitamins E and K.

How to use

The blackcurrant powder makes a tasty addition to your breakfast smoothie. In addition to all the nutrients it contains, the powder also gives the smoothie a beautiful colour.

Use the berry powder, for example, with natural yogurt or quark, or sprinkle it on top of porridge. Crushed berries are also excellently suited for baking. A spoonful or two mixed in with a smoothie is an easy way of getting a daily dose of berries.

Greenfinn's berry powders

Greenfinn's berry powders
Greenfinn’s berry powders are an easy way to enjoy the benefits of berries! One jar of berry powder contains as much as 4000–5000 whole berries. The powders contain the seeds, pulps and skins of the berries which are considered to have the most health benefits. The berry powders are made by drying and grinding fresh berries. Our bodies can better utilize the natural oils and other bioactive ingredients when the berry seeds are broken. The berry powders are an easy way to enjoy berries all-year round!

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