Biomed Nattokinase NSK-SD®

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Biomed Nattokinase NSK-SD®

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The powerful and long-acting NSK-SD® nattokinase enzyme is patented, safe and reliable

The nattokinase enzyme isolated from a traditional Japanese natto breakfast food is a “secret to longevity” based on thousands of years of Japanese tradition. The powerful and long-acting NSK-SD® nattokinase enzyme is a patented, safe and reliable raw material compared to other nattokinases.

  • Daily dose (1 capsule) contains: 2000 FU (100 mg)
  • Vegan
  • Neutral taste
  • Made in Finland

Nattokinase enzyme NATTO – part of the success story and secret of the well-known “long-living Okinawan diet”. Characteristics of a natto breakfast food made from fermented soybeans: One of the healthiest foods in the world

  • Contains a lot of nattokinase enzyme
  • Not very delicious for domestic taste
  • Difficult availability

With Nattokinase you get all the effects in an easy and efficiently absorbed form:

  • 1 capsule contains the same amount of nattokinase as a traditional breakfast dish.
  • No side effects: Very safe according to dozens of studies
  • 64 published studies


1 capsule daily.

If you are breast-feeding, pregnant, or taking medication, talk to your doctor about using a dietary supplement.

The recommended daily intake must not be exceeded. The supplement does not replace versatile diet or healthy life habits. The product must be kept out of reach of children.

Additional info

Rice starch (filler), Nattokinase NSK-SD® (Japan (extract from fermented soybeans)), capsule (HPMC hydroxypropylmethylcellulose).

Recommended daily dose (1 capsule) contains
Nattokinase, 2000 FU (100 mg)

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