Biomed Immunity Protocol

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A combination of the most essential ingredients to support immune defense in effectively absorbed forms!

  • Vitamin D3 + Vitamin K2 + Vitamin C + Zinc + Quercetin
  • Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Diary Free
  • 100 % vegan

Quercetin in phytosome form

Quercetin is a polyphenol found naturally in apples, red onions, dark berries, and generally colorful vegetables. The absorption of quercetin is normally very poor, and the only form that is properly absorbed is the phytosomic form where it is in both water and fat soluble form.

Vitamin D

Intake of vitamin D3 is too low, especially in winter. Vitamin D is needed for countless body functions, from bone strength to energy production. The role of vitamin D in resistance is essential because it regulates the immune response in many different ways.


  • Participates in the cell division process
  • Promotes the normal absorption of calcium and phosphorus
  • Promotes normal calcium levels in the blood
  • Promotes normal muscle function promotes the normal functioning of the immune system
  • Promotes the maintenance of normal bones and teeth

Vitamin C

Magnesium-buffered vitamin C is a stomach-friendly and calmerly absorbed vitamin C. The role of vitamin C is especially important in staying healthy. Vitamin C helps keep the immune system fit!

Vitamin C promotes:

  • Normal collagen formation
  • Protecting cells from free radical damage
  • Reducing fatigue and exhaustion
  • Energy-producing metabolism
  • Normal function of bones, blood vessels and cartilage

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is a lesser known form of vitamin K that is produced as a result of bacterial activity. Where vitamin K1 is found e.g. of the green vegetables, vitamin K2 is found in small amounts in hard cheeses, viscera, egg yolks and meat.

The most important known function of vitamin K2 is to ensure that calcium is channeled to the bones and keeps the bones strong. The use of vitamin D itself releases calcium into the bloodstream, and the role of vitamin K2 is to direct this free calcium back to the bones and teeth.

  • Vitamin K promotes normal blood clotting
  • Vitamin K helps keep bones normal


Zinc ascorbate is zinc that is associated with vitamin C. They are thus in the same molecule and thus in a very well absorbed and resistant form. The importance of zinc for resistance is undeniable, but zinc also has a beneficial effect on countless other body functions. In order for zinc to be absorbed all the way to the cells, it is helpful to use the so-called Ionophores, or substances that increase the cellular permeability of zinc. These include vitamin C and quercetin.

Zinc promotes:

  • Normal acid-base metabolism
  • Normal carbohydrate metabolism
  • Normal cognitive function
  • Normal DNA synthesis
  • Normal fertility and reproduction
  • Normal macronutrient metabolism
  • Normal fatty acid metabolism
  • Normal vitamin A metabolism
  • Normal protein synthesis
  • Skeletal abnormality
  • Keeping hair normal
  • Keeping nails normal
  • Skin remains normal
  • Blood testosterone levels remain
  • Normal vision remains normal
  • Normal functioning of the immune system
  • Protection of cells from oxidative stress
  • Zinc is involved in the cell division process


The recommended daily dose is 2 capsules.

The product is not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet or a healthy lifestyle. Store in a dry place at room temperature.

Additional info

Magnesium ascorbate, quercetin phytosome (Sophora japonica extract, sunflower lecithin), menaquinone-7, cholecalciferol, zinc ascorbate, capsule (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose), excipients (rice extract).

The recommended daily dose of 2 capsules contains:
Vitamin C, 500 mg (625 %*)
Quercetin, 250 mg **
Zinc, 25 mg (250 %*)
Vitamin K2, 200 µg (266 %*)
Vitamin D3, 100 µg (1000 %*)
* =% of daily intake reference value

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