Arctic Warriors Puolu Organic Lingonberry Powder

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PUOLU Wild Lingonberry Powder is made of whole berries packed with vitamins and antioxidants. With no added sugar or other nonsense.

Easy to take with you even to work and travels.


The lingonberries have been handpicked from the forests of northern Finland with organic certification. The berries have been dried in a low temperature to preserve all the valuable vitamins and antioxidants. Lingonberries are a great rustproof to your body and your tummy will love their fibres.

The powder is packed in a dark glass jar with a seal under the lid to keep the taste and lovely reddish color unchanged.

How to use

One teaspoon (45 g) of powder equals to a handful (400 g) of berries. Add to your morning porridge, yogurt, smoothie or ice cream and update your food to the next level.

Additional info

Lingonberry* (Vaccinium vitis-idaea).

* = organic

Country of origin

Shelf life unopened
in room temperature, dry place

Shelf life opened
in room temperature, dry place

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