Arctic Warriors Mahti Angelica Elixir

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Sore throat, kids sick in bed, work and holiday awaiting. What if the flu did not concern your family?

MAHTI keeps the bad bugs away and boosts your immunity to meet the challenges of everyday life.

Angelica archangelica

Angelica archangelica is Lapland’s own power herb with strong antibacterial properties boosting your immunity and keeping the bad bugs away.

The herbs come from local farmers in Lapland (Rovaniemi, Kemijärvi, Tornio).

Available in a 100 ml bottle and a pack containing 10 herb shots (4 g each). The 100 ml bottle has exactly the same content as herb shot and is a great alternative for daily use at home whereas the shot is handy in your pocket or purse.

How to use

To prevent the flu and to boost the immunity, take 1 shot per day. When you feel like catching a cold, take 2 shots a day. To maximize the effect, keep a while in mouth before swallowing.

Open by folding in the middle and take as such or mix with tea, smoothie, yogurt or oatmeal.

Energy content 15 kcal / shot. Does not raise blood sugar. Dairy and gluten free, vegan, suitable for diabetics.

Arctic Warriors – power from the arctic nature

Arctic Warriors – power from the arctic nature
Arctic Warriors was born out of the wish to make the pure and nutritious superfoods of the North available for everyone. The power of the wild berries and herbs has been known in Lapland for centuries and they have traditionally been used for many ailments. Arctic Warriors continues this tradition with their 100 % natural products. The berry and nettle powders, elixirs and herbal shots are full of natural energy and valuable nutrients. Mix them with your daily foods and drinks to get some extra boost to your day!

Add a little boost to your day with herb shots

Add a little boost to your day with herb shots
Herbs have been used in natural medicine for centuries for example for strengthening the immune system, relieving flu symptoms or reducing inflammation. As the name suggests, herb shots contain a mixture of different herbs known for their medicinal properties. Common ingredients of herb shots include for example pine bark extract, roseroot, nettle, spruce sprouts and chaga. Herb shots are a convenient way to get an extra energy boost to your day. Herb shots can be enjoyed as such or they can be mixed with water or other drinks.