Arctic Pure Cranberry Powder

  • Arctic Pure Cranberry Powder

Arctic Pure Cranberry Powder

12.95 €

Package Size: 100 g Best Before: 30.06.2023 Inventory Quantity: 242 Manufacturing Country: Finland

Cranberry powder made of delicious, glowing-red cranberries ripened in Lapland’s marshes under the Midnight Sun.

Arctic Pure Cranberry Powder

  • Free from additives
  • Made from Finnish cranberries in Finland
  • Economy-pack of 100 g

Cranberry is the red vitamin bomb from the Arctic marshes

Cranberries get their ruby color and tartness from phytochemicals which function in the body as antioxidants. In addition to antioxidants, the nutritious and fresh cranberry also contains vitamins A, C and E, potassium, iodine and fiber.

The Arctic Pure cranberry powder is made by drying whole cranberries at a low temperature and grinding them. This procedure preserves the natural color, flavor and nutrients of cranberries.

How to use cranberry powder

You can add cranberry powder for example to yogurt, porridge or smoothie. Due to its beautiful red color, cranberry powder is also excellent for decorating desserts, pastries, sweets and drinks. Try cranberry powder also in meat dishes!

One tablespoon of cranberry powder corresponds to one deciliter of fresh cranberries.

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