Collection: Whey'Mo

Whey’Mo protein products will get you to your goal!

Whey’Mo is a sports nutrition brand founded by three Finnish friends and functional products enthusiasts. Whey’Mo makes protein products which combine pure and high-quality ingredients and delicious flavors. In Whey’Mo’s selection, you can find whey protein powders to support your gains and collagen products packed with hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals. Boost your performance with these groovy products!

Functional sports nutrition

Whey’Mo was founded by three Finnish friends who had the goal of making genuinely different sports nutrition products that combine high-quality ingredients with truly enjoyable flavors. All with as little “added'' ingredients as possible. The first Whey’Mo products – whey protein powders – entered the markets in 2018 and since then the selection has grown to include pre-workout powders, recovery drinks and collagen supplements.

Whey protein powders to support your gains

As the brand name suggests, the Whey’Mo protein powders are founded on the good ol’ whey. Research has shown that whey contains an amino acid profile optimal for the development of muscles – and very little fat. The Whey’Mo protein powder turns into a delicious protein shake when you add cold water, milk or plant milk in it. Enjoy the shake after a workout and it will boost your recovery and muscle growth.

Collagen supplements to highlight your beauty

You can also find collagen beauty cocktails and a delicious collagen smoothie mix from Whey’Mo’s selection. The collagen beauty cocktails are full of fresh and natural flavours and they contain vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid which nurture your natural beauty from the inside. The smoothie mix contains lots of protein, good nutrients and healthy energy from wholegrain oats, whey protein and berry powders. Just add water and you will get the perfect snack!