Collection: Porvoon Lakritsi

Fresh and delicious licorice

Porvoon lakritsi has been making delicious and beloved licorices since 1980. Porvoon lakritsi is known particularly for their gluten-free licorices. We recommend you to try the gluten-free filled licorices!

Licorice with over 40 years of experience

Porvoon lakritsi is a family business which was established in Finland in 1980. All the Finns from the young and the old know Porvoon lakritsi for their metrilakut (‘meter licorices’); long and thin strips of licorice filled with various delicious flavors and sold at market fairs around Finland.

Porvoon lakritsi naturally has many other licorice products in their catalog, including gluten-free licorice, vegan licorice, oat licorice and salty licorice. In fact, Porvoon lakritsi was a forerunner in making gluten-free licorices: they brought their first gluten-free licorice to market already back in 1998, first in the Nordics.

Porvoon lakritsi recently brought another sweet innovation to the market: gluten-free filled licorices! The licorices are made from 100 % Finnish oats and they are available in three flavors: banana, strawberry and chocolate. We definitely recommend trying these mouth-watering treats!