Collection: Nurmen Puutarha

High quality Finnish honey products

Nurmen Puutarha is a farm located in the southwest of Finland and known for their fresh products from their own garden. From our selection, you can find Nurmen Puutarha honey products made from their own delicious honey. Get to know the selection!

Honey and other favorite delicacies from a small farm

Nurmen Puutarha is located in Paimio, southwest of Finland. Nurmen Puutarha grows many kinds of vegetables, berries and flowers in their garden according to the season. During the summertime, the farm offers fresh strawberries, peas, potatoes, tomatoes, herbs, onions, cucumbers and pumpkins, in addition to a wide selection of summer flowers.

Nurmen Puutarha also makes delicious honey. During the summer months, the bees collect honey from the farm and the apiaries located in the forests of Paimio. In addition to traditional honey, Nurmen Puutarha makes various other products from the honey, such as flavored honeys, honey soaps, sauna honeys and beeswax hand creams. Their self-made beeswax candles are an excellent gift idea.

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