Collection: Nordaid

Nordaid – natural and effective vitamin sprays

Nordaid helps you toward a healthier life. Nordaid makes easy-to-use and most of all effective vitamin sprays which are firmly based on scientific research. You can find vitamin D sprays and melatonin sprays in Nordaid’s selection. Get to know the innovative products!

New and innovative way to take vitamins

Nordaid is a supplement manufacturer founded in 2014 in Estonia. Nordaid is known for its high-quality and effectively-absorbing vitamins and minerals. Nordaid is specialized in developing liquid supplements and their selection includes easy-to-use sprays, gels and drops. The selection includes both good tasting vitamin sprays as well as effective liposomal vitamin supplements. The Nordaid products are easy to take as a part of everyday life.

The Nordaid supplements are developed in cooperation with the Tallinn University of Technology

The Nordaid products are developed in cooperation with the Food and Fermentation Technology Development Center established by the Tallinn University of Technology. The development of the Nordaid products are led by professor Raivo Vilu, an esteemed and award-winning expert. The products are made from scientifically researched Pharma-graded ingredients, in compliance with GMP practices Good Manufacturing Practices).

The Nordaid products are available in all the pharmacy chains in Estonia and they are the market leader in the categories of vitamin sprays as well as liposomal vitamins. In addition to Estonia, the Nordaid products are sold in 28 countries and the innovative and high-quality products continuously reach new audiences around the world.