Collection: Mettä

May the forest be with you 🌲

METTÄ was born out of the desire to share the pure and exciting flavours of Nordic forests with the whole world. Here in the Nordics, we have plenty of natural superfoods that grow from the cleanest soil, are fed by the cleanest air and water and furthermore, are strengthened by the Midnight sun. METTÄ has picked and packed these wild foods, herbs and berries so that you could also enjoy the stellar nutrients and flavors. Feel the forest!

Why Nordic wild herbs?

METTÄ = A traditional Finnish word for forest

The forest is at the heart of the Finnish lifestyle. For us Finns, forests have always provided shelter, food and a place to rest and recharge. The Finnish forests are also the home of some of the world’s most purest and tastiest wild foods. Our herbs, berries and mushrooms enjoy the cleanest water and air in the world and they grow particularly nutritious due to harsh winters and light summers. With METTÄ, anyone can enjoy these wonderful and nutritious flavors anytime, anywhere.

METTÄ products can be used in a versatile way to add flavor and nutrients to your daily meals and drinks. The selection of METTÄ includes:

  • herbal tea mixes
  • berry xylitol products for natural sweetening
  • wild herb salts, seasoning and pestos

Respecting the forests every step of the way

METTÄ is all about sustainability and respect for nature in every aspect of their business. The METTÄ products are of the highest quality, 100% natural and free from any additives or preservatives. The ingredients are sourced responsibly with respect to the forests. METTÄ has personally selected all of their suppliers and focuses on building a long-lasting cooperation based on mutual trust and values with them. The products are packed in 100 % compostable packages to protect the delicate aromas and flavors of the wild foods.