Collection: Luv,A

Luv,A – natural cosmetics and supplements that support your natural beauty

Luv,A is a beauty brand which takes care of your inner and outer beauty. The Luv,A cosmetics offer a more natural alternative to everyday skincare whereas the beauty supplements take care of your hair, skin and nails internally. The brand has been established by the Finnish supermodel Anne Kukkohovi who is also behind the luxury natural cosmetics brand Supermood. All the Luv,A products have been made in Finland. Get to know this feel-good brand better and find your favorite products!

Affordable yet effective skincare

The Luv,A product line is a natural and pure alternative to everyday skincare and wellbeing. Luv,A believes that you are at your best when you are happy and accept yourself wholly the way that you are. Luv,A wants to make products that make you feel good about yourself in everyday life as well as on special occasions.

The core idea behind Luv,A is that anyone should be able to afford high-quality skincare products and beauty supplements that are produced in a sustainable way. The skincare products are made from high-quality ingredients in a Cosmos-certified factory in Finland. You can therefore be sure that you are using the purest possible skincare brand. The beauty supplements are made from clean ingredients and they don’t contain any additives or preservatives.

Take care of yourself with Luv,A!