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Natural honey-based energy gels

Energy gels are an endurance athlete's best friend: they provide the essential carbohydrates which fuel the long performance. The natural honey-based energy gels by Honeysty help to keep your energy levels on track during a demanding performance. Unlike traditional energy gels, the honey-based energy gel doesn’t irritate the stomach during the performance. The Honeysty energy gels also contain fiber which improves the absorption of the glucose. Available in lemon and bilberry flavors – choose your favorite!

Why choose the honey-based Honeysty energy gels?

Many types of energy gels are available on the market. The Honeysty energy gels are a natural yet effective alternative to traditional energy gels. The honey-based energy gel helps you to maintain your glycogen stores needed during a long-lasting athletic performance.

A common problem with traditional energy gels is that they can irritate the stomach and cause stomach ache or nausea during the exercise. That’s when the traditional energy gels can cause more harm than good for the performance. The honey-based Honeysty energy gel doesn’t irritate the stomach but helps you to continue the journey all the way to the finish line.

The Honeysty energy gels contain Finnish honey as well as fiber which helps to control the absorption of glycogen and avoid spikes in blood glucose. The energy gels don’t contain any preservatives or artificial flavors. Instead, they get all their taste from nature’s own ingredients, such as bilberry and lemon powders.

The many benefits of honey

Honey is not only versatile to use, but it is in many ways a beneficial product. Honey contains 70 % of sugars out of which the majority are fructose and glucose, which are both simple sugars. Glucose absorbs into the body quickly and provides a quick energy boost whereas fructose absorbs more slowly and keeps the blood sugar levels even for a long time. These properties make honey an excellent source of energy to be enjoyed during a long-lasting performance.

Honey is also well known as an antibacterial ingredient which supports the immune system. Honey contains protective nutrients such as vitamins, flavonoids, enzymes and minerals. Honey is nature's own medicine which is often enjoyed during flu for example, due to its antibacterial effects.