Collection: Chaga Health

Chaga elixirs with Nordic berries

Chaga Health produces elixirs which combine the antioxidant-rich Nordic superfood chaga with berries, herbs and honey. The ingredients have been used in Nordic folk medicine for centuries for strengthening the immune system. Chaga Health combines them in easy-to-consume elixirs which fulfill your daily vitamin needs. Select your favourite from three organic chaga elixirs: sea-buckthorn, blackcurrant or rosehip. Take care of your immune system with Chaga Health!

Elixirs prepared with an old family recipe

Chaga Health was founded in 2014 in Estonia. The Chaga Health elixirs are based on an old recipe which has been used in the founder Siim Kabrits’s family for decades. Estonia is the promised land of chaga: a third of the surface area of the country is natural forest full of chaga and spruce sprouts. The use of chaga also has long traditions in Estonia and it has been known for its effects on boosting the immune system.

The chaga elixirs contain some of the best superfoods from the Nordic nature. Chaga Health offers three different elixirs with sea-buckthorn, blackcurrant and rosehip. All the elixirs also contain herbs such as common yarrow and organic honey which are well-known natural remedies against flu symptoms.

Chaga Health works in close cooperation with all their ingredient providers and partners. Chaga and spruce sprouts are handpicked and come from forests supervised by The Agricultural Registers and Information Board (ARIB) in Estonia. The organic honey comes from the Everti-Kõrvi bee farm kept by the Õun family. Chaga Health also uses the herb Aloe arborescens in their elixirs which comes from the Agileri family farm in Northern Italy.

What is chaga?

Chaga is a mushroom which grows on birch trees in colder climates. Chaga has been used to boost the immune system in the Nordic and Eastern European folk medicine since the 16th century. Today’s research has shown that chaga is particularly rich in antioxidants and fibre which has made it a popular supplement.

Chaga has most typically been used to brew tea or coffee. This is due to the fact that taking it with warm or cold water is believed to release its medicinal qualities. Today chaga is available in many forms; in elixirs, chewing gums, xylitol products and as powder that can be added to drinks. It is also used in cosmetics as a source of antioxidants and due to its anti-inflammatory effects.