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Healthy real food meal shakes for your busiest days

Ambronite Complete Meal Shakes quench hunger and make you thrive! Ambronite meal shakes function as fast, healthy and nutritious snacks or even lunch. The Ambronite products contain plenty of protein, fiber, healthy fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. The meal shakes products have been made from real and clean plant-based ingredients: oats, berries and well-known super greens such as chlorella, spirulina and nettle. Try the meal shakes and feel the difference!

High-quality nutrition in an easy form

Ambronite prepares high-quality nutrition which is fast and easy to consume. You could even live on Ambronite products based on their nutritional value – though naturally it is not recommended. The product series is designed to fulfill the nutritional needs of athletes and active people whenever, wherever.

The Ambronite products are not food substitutes but real meals. The products contain real foods such as almonds, oats, coconut, apple, bilberries, spirulina, spinach, nettle, sea-buckthorn, lucuma and rice protein. The ingredients have been dried in under 42 degrees so that they would best maintain their nutritional value. The products are free from artificial ingredients or unnecessary additives.

Ambronite is perfect for:

  • breakfast and for boosting concentration
  • healthy lunch especially when you’re short on time
  • a nutritious snack for trips

Ambronite quenches hunger in just a couple of minutes and keeps hunger away for even four hours.

Ambronite was founded by five friends

Ambronite was founded by five friends in Finland. The first Ambronite products were tested in Restaurant Day. Restaurant Day is a food carnival which started to be celebrated in Finland in 2011. During Restaurant Day, anyone can open a pop-up restaurant, cafe or bar to the location of their choice. Nowadays Restaurant Day is one of the biggest food events in the world now spread in almost 70 countries. After the excellent reception in Restaurant Day, Ambronite was founded with the help of crowdfunding.

Try these delicious meals!

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