Mikko Koivu uses Lunera to prevent flu

Mikko Koivu uses Lunera to prevent flu

Mikko Koivu, the Turku-based NHL hockey player currently playing in Minnesota Wild, uses Lunera products with his family. We met Koivu at the Turku Gatorade Center after the NHL training group’s summer training session.

Summer trainings in Turku

The puck is slamming against the boards of the ice rank and muffled sounds are echoing in the halls of Gatorade Center when we arrive to the arena to follow the summer trainings of professional hockey players – including Mikko Koivu and a few other hockey players from Finland Proper and the rest of Finland.

Lunera for the whole family

After the training, Mikko Koivu spends a few minutes talking with us. Like his father Jukka Koivu, Mikko and his family have used Lunera regularly for a long time:

– I myself use Lunera mostly to prevent flu whenever I feel even the smallest of symptoms arising. My children have also used Children’s Lunera to support their immune system.

Finnish Lunera

Lunera is a Finnish innovation which is also produced in Finland. The chairman and the expert of the board is Olli Ruuskanen, MD of pediatric infectious diseases and Professor emeritus of infectious diseases.

All Lunera products contain zinc and vitamin D (zinc gluconate/zinc acetate) as the active agents. In addition to these, Children’s Lunera also contains prebiotic (polydextrose), Lunera lozenge contains vitamin C and echinacea and Lunera 55+ designed to support people who exercise a lot and people who are aging contains prebiotic (polydextrose), yeast beta glucan (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and vitamin B12.

Research shows that zinc shortens the duration of flu

In addition to Lunera, other qualified zinc products have entered the market in the past few years, as research has shown that zinc shortens the duration of flu. We recommend to get Lunera or other qualified zinc product before autumn’s flu wave hits with its severest intensity.

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