Spruce Resin Soap Bar - Natural Beauty

Havuka Spruce Resin Soap Bar

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Package Size: 100 g Inventory Quantity: 36


The Spruce Resin soap bar works for both skin and hair. Balances the scalp and prevents dandruff. Spruce is an old Finnish ingredient and Havuka products use only traditional recipes that still work.

Resin to fight dandfruff and dryness

The soap bar contains mustard seeds that exfoliate the skin gently. This product is also naturally antiseptic.

Recommended use

For dry skin, including psoriatic ja atopic skin. Can also be used on normal skin and for hair washing. Enhances the normal function of scalp and skin.

User comments:A really good product! My son has suffered on dry scalp and dandruff for very long. None of the products from the pharmacists or hair salons were effective. The use of the soap started to show after a month of use and now his scalp is scale free and his hair feels thicker. He has used the product for 3 months now.”