Luv,A Black Mask with Charcoal

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Clarifying and deep cleansing Charcoal Face Mask with soothing Licorice Extract.

  • Keeps the skin luminous
  • Deep cleanses the skin
  • Calms down irritated skin
  • Reduces imflammation

Luv,A Black Mask contains skin cleansing clay, charcoal and soothing licorice extract. The product spreads easily and brightens the skin immediately, leaving the skin surface soft and soft. Charcoal, like a magnet, attracts dirt, grease and impurities. In addition to its deep cleansing power, activated charcoal has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial property. Thus, it is especially suitable for acne and skin prone to impurities.

Licorice extract soothes and refreshes the skin and thus, together with clay and charcoal, the mask is a great product to bring the much-needed glow to the skin.

How to use

Apply generously on the face, avoiding eye area. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and rinse carefully.

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