Arctic Warriors Nettle Seeds

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Nettle – the Nordic superfood number one!

Handpicked from Lapland, Finland

Nettle is the underrated and uncrowned king of superfoods. Filled with nutrients powered by the Midnight Sun, the Arctic Warriors wild nettle packs the punch of a heavyweight champion.

Nettle is one of the most nutritious superfoods found in the Nordic nature – and nettle seeds are the most nutritious part of nettle, the cherry on the cake! You are therefore dealing with a true superfood bomb here with the Arctic Warriors Nettle Seeds. Nettle seeds contain plenty of vitamins A and K1 and iodine which help your body to maintain its vitality.

The use of nettle seeds

The NOKKO nettle seeds are very versatile to use. They can be added to almost any meal, from basic soups to five-star gourmet dishes. Here’s a few tips on where to add them:

  • porridge, muesli, granola
  • smoothies
  • yoghurt
  • salads
  • soups

So sprinkle these gold nuggets on your favourite foods and discover the eye of the tiger!

To get a better grasp on the many ways of how nettle can be utilized in your daily diet, check out the inspiring nettle recipes created by Arctic Warriors!


Arctic Warriors – power from the arctic nature

Arctic Warriors – power from the arctic nature
Arctic Warriors was born out of the wish to make the pure and nutritious superfoods of the North available for everyone. The power of the wild berries and herbs has been known in Lapland for centuries and they have traditionally been used for many ailments. Arctic Warriors continues this tradition with their 100 % natural products. The berry and nettle powders, elixirs and herbal shots are full of natural energy and valuable nutrients. Mix them with your daily foods and drinks to get some extra boost to your day!

Seeds are an excellent source of energy

Seeds are an excellent source of energy
Seeds contain a lot of good fatty acids, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and vegetable protein. 100 grams of seeds contain 33–76 g of fat depending on the variety. Especially hemp seeds and flaxseeds contain plenty of the necessary omega 3 fatty acid, alpha linoleic acid. The recommended daily intake of seeds is 3 0 g. Seeds are an excellent addition to porridges, smoothies or salads – or a nutritious snack for hikes.