Yrttiaika Lavender Foot Cream

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Package Size: 55 ml Best Before: 06.02.2023 Inventory Quantity: 4


Contains lavender, curative oils and beeswax. Lavender calms and relaxes tired feet. Plantain improves foot ulcers. Good oils and beeswaxes treat dry skin and harden.


Apply the cream on your feet before going to bed or after taking a foot bath.

Yrttiaika – the dream of five herb experts

Yrttiaika – the dream of five herb experts
Yrttiaika was founded by five women who wished to make natural cosmetics and herb products from the best natural ingredients. The founders all have their own areas of expertise which is visible in the products. Kati Haipus cultivates tens of herbs which she uses to prepare herb mixes for all kinds of needs. Soila Nyman makes creams, salves and oils from herbs and wild herbs. The masseuse Lea Keränen makes herb-based cosmetics especially for the feet. Eija Marjomaa cultivates delicious vegetables and herbs in her orchard. Aira Kurikka makes delicious spruce sprout syrups and berry marmalades.