Riipisen Chicken Jerky Lingonberry & Sriracha

Riipisen Chicken Jerky Lingonberry & Sriracha

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  • Manufacturing country: Finland

Fresh hot dry chicken meat from Kuusamo!

  • Traditional dried chicken meat
  • 300 g of Finnish chicken fillet is used for 100 g of ready-made jerky
  • Lactose-free, gluten-free, additive-free, rich in protein

Unique and bold snack that combines the succulent taste of chicken with the tangy sweetness of lingonberries and the fiery kick of sriracha sauce

This flavorful combination creates a one-of-a-kind jerky that is both savory and slightly sweet with a spicy twist.

Starting with high-quality chicken, Riipisen ensures that each slice is tender and packed with flavor. The chicken is marinated in a special blend of seasonings, including a generous amount of lingonberries and sriracha sauce. Lingonberries, known for their vibrant red color and tart taste, add a touch of natural sweetness that perfectly complements the savory chicken. The addition of sriracha sauce brings a delightful heat that adds depth and excitement to the jerky's flavor profile.

The marinade process allows the chicken to absorb the flavors and develop a harmonious combination of tastes. The lingonberries infuse their unique tanginess into the meat, while the sriracha sauce adds a spicy kick that tantalizes the taste buds. The result is a jerky that offers a delightful balance of sweet, savory, and spicy flavors.

Riipisen Chicken Jerky Lingonberry & Sriracha is a versatile snack that can be enjoyed in various ways

It is a convenient and protein-rich option for on-the-go snacking, providing a burst of flavor to keep you satisfied. The combination of lingonberries and sriracha makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a unique and exciting twist on traditional jerky.

This jerky is also a fantastic addition to charcuterie boards or as an ingredient in creative culinary creations. The bold flavors of lingonberry and sriracha can complement a range of dishes, adding an unexpected and delightful twist to salads, wraps, or sandwiches. Riipisen takes pride in using high-quality ingredients and maintaining natural flavors. Their Chicken Jerky Lingonberry & Sriracha contains no artificial additives or preservatives. It is a wholesome snack choice that allows you to indulge in the exciting taste combination of lingonberry sweetness and sriracha spiciness without compromising on quality or taste.

In conclusion, Riipisen Chicken Jerky Lingonberry & Sriracha offers a unique and bold snacking experience that combines the succulence of chicken with the tangy sweetness of lingonberries and the fiery kick of sriracha sauce. With its well-balanced flavors, convenient packaging, and versatility, it is an excellent choice for those seeking a flavorful and adventurous snack. Whether enjoyed on its own or incorporated into culinary creations, Riipisen Chicken Jerky Lingonberry & Sriracha is sure to satisfy your cravings for a delicious and exciting treat.

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Additional info

Chicken fillet (Finland), lingonberry, red chili, salt, vinegar, sugar, garlic, spices (eg thyme).

May contain small amounts of soy. Strongly salty.

Nutritional content / 100 g
Energy (kJ), 1331
Energy (kcal), 318
Fat (g), 4,4
- of which saturated (g), 0,7
Carbohydrate (g), 0,4
- of which sugar (g), 0,4
Protein (g), 69
Salt (g), 5,7

Country of origin

Riipisen Riistaherkut Oy

Weight and dimensions
0.042 kg - [145,190,3]