Polar Nutrition Green Tea Xylitol

Polar Nutrition Green Tea Xylitol

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New Polar Nutrition Xylitol product family – Flavour from the nature.

In our new Finnish xylitol tablet, you can taste the real flavours of the forests naturally. Polar Nutrition xylitol tablet's flavour comes from real berries and natural extracts.

We don't use any artificial flavours of colourants. Just 100% real natural extracts. Tablet contains 10-15% of extracts and 82-87% of xylitol. This tablet is also fully vegan because we don’t use any gelatin in production.

To make this Green Tea Xylitol we use 65 g of real green tea.


Xylitol or ”birch sugar” was originally extracted from birches. Xylitol we use is extracted from birches and other hardwoods. Today many clinical studies have shown that xylitol prevents tooth decay by preventing bacteria from multiplying and producing acid. It's also proven to prevent children's otitis. Xylitol stops acid attack after meal. It lowers acid levels caused by nutrients and acids on tooth surface caused by bacteria. Dentists in Finland recommend daily use of xylitol.

Flavours of our new product family are Chaga, Blueberry-Rhodiola Rosea (Rose Root), Sea Buckthorn and Green Tea.

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