Luv,A Eye Cream with Elderflower Extract

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Soothing and rejuvanating eye cream with Sea Fennel Stem Cell Extract and Elderlower Extract. Made in Finland.

  • Nourishes and rejuvenates eye are
  • Sea Fennel Stem cell techology renews skin on cellular level
  • Firm the skin and is an effective anti-age product

Luv A, Eye Cream contains spine and licorice extract, which is rich in antioxidants. Eye cream is one of the most important skin care products. The skin around the eyes is thin, easy to dry and sensitive and therefore desperately needs gentle moisturizing.

The first wrinkles usually appear in the outer corners of the eyes. Elderflower nourishes the skin and the beta-glucan it contains improves the skin's resistance. Licorice extract soothes the skin, curbs inflammation, fades out dark spots, slows down skin aging.

How to use

Apply generously around eye area, every morning and evening.

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