Luonkos Harmony Soul Cleansing Soap

23.95 €

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Inside this soap we’ve hidden an amethyst, hand-dug from the Finnish nature. The amethyst we use is a violet stone, hand-dug from Yliluosto, Lapland. The amethyst is believed to emit positive energy, to help concentration, and to sooth the mind.

The soap’s essential oils caress both your mind and your body in the middle of your busy life. The synergy of the soothing, positive essential oils and the amethyst helps bring harmony to your life.

Limited edition.


Use with plenty of water, foam, enjoy the scent, and rinse well.

Storing: Let the soap dry off between uses and store on a soap tray.

Pro tip! The soap is exceptionally suitable for shaving. The soap’s foam is silky soft, and the blade slides effortlessly on the skin and doesn’t irritate it.