Luonkos Complete Oil Cleansing Cake

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Complete oil cleansing cake for skin cleansing and skincare - for men.

Luonkos oil cleansing cake is a 4-in-1 product that cleanses the skin, removes the make-up, and balances and nurtures your skin. Complete oil cleansing cake is suitable for all skin types, it’s 100 % natural, vegan, and preservative-free. It gently cleanses the skin, soothes irritation caused by shaving, and moisturises the skin. Its ingredients are important for your skin: it contains antioxidants, superfoods, vitamins, and good fatty acids. Finnish birch charcoal soothes and cleanses impurities. Hemp oil is healing and moisturises the skin efficiently. Coconut oil and cacao butter help to remove any impurities from the skin. The product is suitable for both women and men.

By using the product daily, you can re-establish and equalize the skin’s moisture balance. You might detect a scent of smoky ginger, warm cedar, or fresh bergamot. Complete’s spicy combination of scents nurtures your skin and mind.

You can use the product for cleansing the entire facial area. The product is also suitable for removing water-proof make-up from the skin.

The cake is handmade, and its colour can be irregular. The ingredients are 100 percent natural, but do remember: the oil cleansing cake is meant for your skin to enjoy, and not for eating.

Regarding storing the cake: Remember the cake contains oil, and will melt in hot temperatures. Store the cake at below 25°C, and keep it away from sun.

One cake usually lasts 2 to 5 months, for around 60 uses.