Globe Hope by Mia Höytö SILKKI Body Cream

  • Globe Hope by Mia Höytö SILKKI Body Cream
  • Globe Hope by Mia Höytö SILKKI Body Cream
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Globe Hope by Mia Höytö SILKKI Body Cream

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For Silky Skin

Silk is what we like to wear day and night. Therefore, we decided to get the same feeling into this luxurious organic certified body cream. You can wear whatever you like but still feel the silk on Your skin.

SILKKI body cream is full of beauty treats. We use some of the same precious ingredients in Silkki as we use in our facial creams in order to give Your body the same luxurious feeling as to Your face. Organic sheabutter gives the skin perfect moisture and softness. It also wraps the moisture into Your skin so it stays hydrated throughout the day. Organic sunflower seed oil nourishes and heals the skin while olive and almond oils soften and hydrate the skin. Organic sea buckthorn seed oil hydrates the skin and it is a perfect antioxidant. It is also perfect for soothing and regenerating the skin just like organic oat extract, which we also use in Silkki Body Cream. Organic aloe vera extract is a perfect companion for sensitive skin. Use Silkki Body Cream after bath and it will surround the skin with its delicate touch of luxury from the nature.

This very hydrating cream gives Your skin the softness and moisture it needs to be as silky as possible. Silkki Body Cream moisturises Your skin and it absorbs very well, so it instantly gives You the hydrating feeling.

How to use

Silkki provides long-lasting moisture. Apply the product into the skin in the morning and evening.

Beauty tips

An extremely gentle cream Silkki suits well for the babies and small children, if their skin is hungry for the hydration. Silkki works perfectly on the atopic skin by calming and curing it.

Use the Sillki cream for your baby belly from the beginning of the pregnancy. It prevents the stretch marks keeping the skin elastic and the skin is able to adapt the changes without scarring.

You can use Silkki as a massage product.